Spyro has always had dreams of making it big, but doesn’t really have the drive or attention span to get there.

Spyro reckons that the combining of his good people skills ("good" relative to Phasma's people skills, at least) with Phasma's scientific drive and know-how is the best thing that has happened to him (but probably not Phasma).

Now all Spyro needs to do is keep those emo urges at bay and just make it through the day without cutting himself (or anyone else, for that matter).

Twitter: @SpyroBCHQ







Phasma just wants to be left the fuck alone to get on with his work. Sadly he went into business with Spyro - Who won’t let things be that easy. Phasma is mostly in it for the science, and has an "the ends always justify the means" approach to getting the necessary results.










Blaze is a half-clone/half-robot who, for some reason, has gone into business with Spyro and Phasma. He is normally at the end of their jokes (and research equipment), but as Head of "Physical Security Assurance" he has a lot to give in the way of test results - Even if it does result in him dying. A lot.

Blaze's way of coping with all the abuse he receives by the hands and cattle prods of Spyro and Phasma is drink. Blaze has an unhealthy obsession with Wray and Nephews, and normally ends his days either drowning his sorrows with a bottle of the stuff or by floating around in a clone revival chamber.

Twitter: @BlazeBCHQ






















Lance was hired in the first in take of staff at Binarycore, it was knowledge of Japanese culture that made him stand out. The in-depth of information he can tell you about animation and music from that part of the world astounded his interviewers. Also Spyro liked his glasses.





Even though Mode suffers from verbal diarrhea and constipation of conscious thought there was something else that stood out in him. Mode has many redeeming factors; people skills, personal hygiene... oh and he always has a spare smoke and knows how to buy a round.











Gray may be the shortest “person” working at Binarycore Headquarters but she can often be one of the most outspoken. You don’t want to get her in a debate involving film pop culture, especially Horror.










Every office needs a token Redhead, preferably an interesting one.