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What is this?

Since the creation of Binarycore in May 2009, a lot of projects have been undertaken by its members. One of them was this comic - the idea came about when certain conversations between Phasma, Blaze and Spyro on Binarycore's IRC service turned out to be rather comical. From there, Spyro started recording of the conversations in hope that one day actually being able to release them as a comic. Due to a lack of artistic skill, the comic needed to find an artist - enter Bambi. With an large amount of scripts written and an artist in tow, production of the comic started and led to this - The Binarycore Comic!

The comic will be released around every two weeks, there wont be a specific day due to scheduling issues. But the best way to keep up to date abouy when the comic will be released keep an eye on twitter.